The Hustle

Episode 160 - Richie Fontana of Piper/Skatt Bros.

May 29, 2018

Drummer Richie Fontana has led an eventful life. He started out in the mid-70s with the killer rock band Piper. Today, they are probably best known as the launchpad for frontman Billy Squier. Piper was managed by Bill Aucoin, which led to Richie also working and touring with Kiss and playing on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo album. Piper's second album, Can't Wait, was produced by KISS mastermind/Aucoin Vice President Sean Delaney, which provided the bridge to Richie's second band the Skatt Bros. The Delaney fronted disco-rock band managed two albums before calling it quits, but Richie landed on his feet again when he was hired by the late Laura Branigan to be her touring drummer through the mid-80s. Unfortunately, MS has slowed him down a little, but not much. He's still very active musically and released a solo album a few years ago called Steady on the Steel. Today he's enjoying life with his long time girlfriend, Lydia Criss. We get the details on what life was like in the orbit of luminaries like Billy, Aucoin, Kiss and Laura. Enjoy!

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