The Hustle

Episode 161 - Terence Trent D’Arby (Sananda Maitreya)

June 5, 2018

Sananda Maitreya has quite a story to tell. After scoring a bunch of hit songs ("Wishing Well", "Sign Your Name", "Delicate") and hit records with his former persona Terence Trent D'Arby, in 1995 he moved to Europe, changed his name and embarked on a career in "post-millennium rock", which is the title he gives to the many records he's put out since then under the Sananda Maitreya moniker. Last year he released the expansive, three-disc set Prometheus & Pandora and has recently released another excellent single from it called "The Birds Are Singing". We go very deep in this conversation about the name change, his thoughts on the deaths of many of his friends like Prince and Tom Petty, and how he may finally be warming to merging the music of his early career with what he's done the last 23 years. He's also about the embark on an Italian tour (and possibly more). Here's the full story!

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