The Hustle

Episode 179 - Robin Scott aka M

October 9, 2018

In the late 70s, artist Robin Scott adopted the moniker "M" and created one of the most enduring pieces of pop art in history with his 1979 global #1 "Pop Muzik." This piece of profound simplicity wrapped in the guise of fluffy, disposable pop art took the world by storm and showed in neon what the next decade of music would sound like. As Robin continued to push the boundaries of pop music, his sound became more and more challenging and the hits never came again. But, hits are not what Robin was about. He ventured into world music, painting and anything else that tickled his fancy. Last year, he released his first album in years called Emotional DNA and it's a return to the pop music of his M days. This chat is a conversation in its truest form - we discuss the challenges of putting creativity out in the world, competing for people's attention, and staying true to yourself. Get to know the man behind the Muzik.

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