The Hustle

Episode 191 - Emilio Castillo of Tower of Power

January 1, 2019

Tower of Power have been one of the landmark r&b outfits for 50 years now. From humble beginnings in the East Bay of Northern California, co-founders and sax players Emilio Castillo and Doc Kupka started something very special that carries on today, arguably better than ever. In fact, TOP put out one of their best albums ever in 2018 called Soul Side of Town. While there have been ups and downs and stops and starts along the way (not to mention too many band members to count!) the quality has never waned and the power has never diminished. In this conversation, Emilio and I discuss all of it including his getting sober, hanging out with Sly and the Family Stone back in the day, his many 80s collaborations, and his spiritual life. We also discuss his relationship with his controversial former band member, Victor Conte. Few have ever done what they do better than TOP. They're national treasures.

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