The Hustle

Episode 197 - Duncan Sheik

February 12, 2019

If there was ever a time to bring back the chill 90’s, it’s now.  You saw it in the loose fitting clothes, and you definitely heard it in the music. It was just a laid back time. A calm before the storm, if you will. Duncan Sheik’s blockbuster hit personified that era.  With well over a million radio plays, it followed you everywhere; inside your Toyota Camry, on VH1, aisle 7 at Costco and the changing room at Structure.

Perhaps today, as you sang along to it on Nineties On 9, you felt a tinge of sadness for this ultimate one-hit-wonder.  Save your barely breathing breath!  He’s doing just fine.  Nowadays, you’re more likely to find Mr. Sheik where the neon lights are bright than on some legacy tour with Deep Blue Something and Dishwalla. Duncan’s composing for Spring Awakening earned him two Tony Awards and he’s still one of the hottest names on Broadway.

I catch Duncan on a reflective day.  We pour over his entire career and I share a handful of my favorite songs that should have received more acclaim.  Quite a few are of past relationships and Duncan is as open, honest, funny and self-deprecating as any guest I’ve ever had. And did I mention we’re buddies now? 😂

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