The Hustle

Episode 202 - Brent Bourgeois of Bourgeois Tagg/Solo

March 19, 2019

You can certainly be forgiven if all you know about today’s guest is that he was the "Bourgeois" in Bourgeois Tagg and they had that great song “I Don’t Mind At All”.   Surprisingly, Brent Bourgeois is fine with that too.  In fact, he gets much more excited these days talking about his work behind the mixing board than those days spent in front of it.  

His career has taken more turns than Lombard Street and in doing so, has intersected with an odd variety of fame.  How odd?  Well, allow me to name-drop: Julian Lennon, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael W Smith, Christine McVie, Johnny Carson and Todd Rundgren.   We spend a good bit of time on the latter as Brent offers up his reverence while also reinforcing Todd’s rather indifferent studio reputation. It’s a laugh out loud moment for sure!

In fact, we laugh a lot on this episode and also get serious for just a few minutes with his faith. Brent’s soul searching journey is different than you might expect and I for one find his perspective fascinating.  

And last but not least is the music. I hope you enjoy rediscovering those mid 80’s collaborations with Larry Tagg as well as his sadly overlooked solo work of the 90’s.  

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