Episode 69 - Richard Bush of The A’s/The Peace Creeps

August 30, 2016

The A's were one of Philadelphia's hottest bands in the 70s. Their mix of new wave and power pop created some of the best music of that wonderful period - the barely pre-MTV era (1977-1981). Lead singer Richard Bush was also one of the most charismatic frontman around - rock star through and through. But, unfortunately, after two underperforming albums on a major label, the band called it a day. Today, Richard primarily makes his living working like the rest of us, but for the past few years he's invested his talents in his new band, the psychedelic Peace Creeps. In our conversation, Richard honestly dissects his musical career, what went wrong, what went right, and what should have been. The guy is still amazing and hasn't lost a step!


Episode 68 - Arthur Alexander of Sorrows

August 23, 2016

Arthur Alexander grew up in Warsaw Poland with dreams of becoming the next Elvis. His dreams brought him to NYC where he paid his dues on the CBGBs scene of the mid-70s with his first band The Poppees before things started to take off with his next band, the killer garage rock/power pop greats Sorrows. Unfortunately, after two under-performing albums the band was no more. Arthur is very candid and opinionated about his own career, what went wrong, and even his feelings about his fellow CBGB cohorts (Ramones, Television, Talking Heads). Sorrows are another in that dreaded "shoulda been huge" category and, while making music isn't what pays the bills anymore, he is still out there writing and creating. Get to know one of rock's great characters!


Episode 67 - Blanche Napoleon on Dan Hartman

August 16, 2016

In the mid-70s, Blanche Napoleon impulsively moved to NYC and befriended the excellent singer-songwriter Dan Hartman. She also managed to stumble into a music career when Dan made her a background singer on some of his biggest disco hits ("Instant Replay", "Relight My Fire", "Love Sensation"). Their deep friendship carried on until his death from AIDS in 1993. In this conversation, not only do we honor Dan and his life and art, but we talk about Blanche's brief. but impactful career in the music business in the late 70s before she transitioned to a hugely successful career in the fashion industry. She may have a short musical resume, but she has some of the best stories.  


Episode 66 - Robert Tepper (Rocky IV) of Beloved 80s Movie Soundtrack Fame

August 9, 2016
Robert Tepper is a legend. His immortal classic, "No Easy Way Out" from 1985's Rocky IV, while not a huge hit on the pop charts, remains one of the most beloved soundtrack songs in movie history. Who will ever forget that killer track fueling what is, arguably, the greatest movie montage of all time. In this candid conversation, we go deep on how that song came to be and who played on it, but we also get to know the man behind it all as well as the rest of his career. Let's just say, the 80s were an ugly period for Robert and he's lucky he made it out alive. He's now a successful sound engineer in LA, but continues to work on new music. However, thanks to the enduring joy of the Rocky franchise, he will always be a major part of our lives. 

Episode 65 - Jon Fiore of Preview/Beloved 80s Movie Soundtrack Fame/Solo

August 2, 2016

Jon Fiore was the lead singer of another great, but forgotten, early 80s rock band called Preview. Like many other bands we've showcased, they came in with a lot of promise, released an excellent debut album in 1983, and completely disappeared. From there, Jon began a highly successful career singing many legendary jingles, continuing to perform whenever possible, including releasing two excellent melodic hard rock albums in the 90s. But, to me he will always be beloved as the voice behind the theme song "Out on the Edge" from1985's endearing flick The Heavenly Kid. That alone makes him a legend in my book!