Encore - Bruce Blackman of Starbuck

October 28, 2016

Going back to where it all started! 

For some reason - I don't see this episode in our iTunes feed, so I'm rereleasing it so new subscribers who might have missed it can catch up. And because Bruce is the best and this remains one of my favorite episodes. Enjoy (whether you've heard it before or not)!

Episode 77 - Stephen Bishop

October 25, 2016

Stephen Bishop has been a highly successful singer-songwriter for 40 years. He's had several hits of his own and penned many for others such as Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton, and Art Garfunkel. He just released a "brand new" album called Blueprint which puts the finishing touches on several songs and demos he's been working on over the years (hence the name). Here we talk about his approach to songwriting, how the industry has changed and how that affects him, and he shares some insight on his old friend, the late great Andrew Gold. 


Episode 76 - Glen Burtnik

October 18, 2016

Glen Burtnik embodies exactly what The Hustle represents - the artist that works tirelessly to stay vital, involved, creative and paid. Glen was launched as a promising solo artist in the mid-80s releasing two great records on A&M. He achieved some chart success with 1987's "Follow You" which reached #65 on the pop charts. As the solo career was sputtering, Glen was invited to replace Tommy Shaw in Styx and wrote their last decent-sized hit with 1991's "Love is the Ritual". This began a new career as a professional songwriter (penning hits for Patty Smythe and Don Henley, as well as Randy Travis) and as a gun for hire, bringing his professionalism and vast talents to anyone that needed them. These days he's in, no kidding, at least half a dozen different groups/projects/ensembles all of which showcase his passion for great, classic music. 


Episode 75 - Michael Harville of Sugarbomb

October 11, 2016

This week's guest shares a story we've heard all too often. Michael Harville was the drummer of the excellent Texas power pop band Sugarbomb. After a successful independently released debut album, their major-label debut, Bully,was released in 2001 and just starting to gain some momentum when RCA dropped them two weeks later! This had long-lasting effects on some members of the band, understandably, but Michael has soldiered on making a living as a drummer ever since. We talks candidly about the ups and downs and shares a hilarious story about how he nearly kicked Mathew McConaughey's butt twice (just don't ever call him Matt), and a rather disappointing story about Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. If you like bands like Jellyfish and Fountains of Wayne, then please enjoy re-discovering Sugarbomb. The name says it all. 


Episode 74 - Jacob Slichter of Semisonic

October 4, 2016

Jacob Slichter was the drummer for the excellent alternative rock band Semisonic, whose 1999 hit "Closing Time" remains a staple to this day. But, we aren't here to talk about that. Jacob covered that story perfectly in his 2004 memoir "So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star", one of the greatest books on life as a mildly successful rock band during the waning days of the traditional music industry ever written. Since his book mirrors the arc we try to cover on the Hustle, I wanted to talk with him about his post-book life, ask some questions I had that the book didn't address, and expand on the emotions he has experienced along the way. He was a great sport about it. This book inspired this podcast. We've come full circle.