Encore - Bruce Blackman of Starbuck

October 28, 2016

Going back to where it all started! 

For some reason - I don't see this episode in our iTunes feed, so I'm rereleasing it so new subscribers who might have missed it can catch up. And because Bruce is the best and this remains one of my favorite episodes. Enjoy (whether you've heard it before or not)!

Episode 1 - Bruce Blackman of Starbuck

May 5, 2015

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Bruce Blackman was the lead singer of the 70s band Starbuck, who had a #3 hit in 1976 with "Moonlight Feels Right". When the band broke up in 1980 Bruce turned his attention to other things until 2014 when he released his first solo album. We find out what he did in his time off, what motivated the comeback and how he got his famous style (check youtube to find out what I mean).