The Hustle

Bonus - Michael Ciravolo of Beauty in Chaos

July 12, 2021

We don't normally cover new bands on the Hustle, but we're making a special exception this time. Beauty in Chaos is the brainchild of musician Michael Ciravolo. Michael is steeped in the dark goth rock of the 80s, bands like the Cure, the Mission, Gene Loves Jezebel (who he also played with). He's taken that and released two great albums (as well as two remix albums), but what's amazing is who he's gotten to appear on these albums. Here's a list - Robin Zander, Michael Anthony, Simon Gallup, Ice T, Michael Aston, Al Jourgensen, Dug Pinnick and several former guests like Wayne Hussey, Tim Palmer and John Fryer. It's a collection of musicians you won't see anywhere else. Hear from Michael how he made all this happen and how he intends to move forward. 

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