The Hustle

Episode 190 - Chris Dunn of City Boy

December 25, 2018

City Boy was a band that was almost impossible to classify. Imagine if ELO, Queen and Yes got together and decided to get weird and you're in the ballpark. They did manage to hit the pop charts once when the epic "5705" off their third album Book Early reached #27 in the states in 1978. Unfortunately, that was it in terms of the charts, but then again chart success was never the highest priority. This week we talk to bassist Chris Dunn about what fueled their quirky creativity, as well as what it was like having a young, up-and-coming producer named Mutt Lange produce their first five albums. Chris also brings a unique perspective to the show because once the music career ended, he started a successful music equipment rental business that supplied studios and producers with the exact keyboards, mics, compressors, what have you, they needed. Get to know a congenial guy with some great stories and rediscover City Boy!

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