The Hustle

Episode 263 - Gary Sanford, Vinnie Zummo and Tom Teeley: The Guitarists of Joe Jackson

May 20, 2020

Joe Jackson is one of the most creative and complicated artists of the last 50 years. He never stays in one place for long, always wiggling out of one genre and into another. This week we attempt to tell part of the JJ story through the perspectives of his first three guitarists. Gary Sanford was there at the beginning and played on the first three albums that launched Joe's career. Vinnie Zummo took over after the "no guitars", Night and Day era that brought him fame. And then Tom Teeley dropped in for the Laughter and Lust album before Joe turned again to focus on composing symphonies through most of the 90s. Three versions of the story, three very different personalities and three fantastic musicians who contributed to Joe's sound and tell stories of their other adventures. If you love Joe, you'll love this! 

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