The Hustle

Episode 284 - Youth of Killing Joke/The Orb/The Fireman

October 14, 2020

Producer/Musician Youth is one of the most creative and innovative musical minds of the last 40 years. Starting out as the bassist in pioneering doom rock band Killing Joke, he left after three albums and went on to become one of the most important dance music producers the UK has ever created when he formed The Orb and brought genres like trance and dub to the forefront. He also produced landmark albums by Crowded House, The Verve, james, Embrace, Echo and the Bunnymen, U2, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney (as the Fireman), and even Killing Joke when he returned in the 90s. Recently he teamed up with Blow Monkeys frontman Dr. Robert for the funky single "Get Yourself Together" which is just as great as everything else he's done. We cover all of it and more! 


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