The Hustle

Episode 302 - “The God of Hellfire” Arthur Brown

February 17, 2021

Thanks to his Satanic masterpiece "Fire" from 1968, Arthur Brown will forever be known as "The God of Hellfire". That spine-tingling hit topped the charts all over the world and cemented his image as the banshee with fire on his head and paint on his face. But Arthur has been a musical explorer ever since making progressive music in the spirit of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa one minute, but then an album made entirely on a drum machine or dedicated to dancing the next. We get into the inspiration for his "crazy" persona, his spiritual side, what he did for a living during the lean years, and how he came to lend his voice to an all-star charity single "House of the Rising Sun". Enjoy getting to know this mysterious figure! 

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