The Hustle

Episode 316 - Martyn Ware of Heaven 17/Human League/B.E.F

May 26, 2021

Any list of synth pioneers would include the great Martyn Ware. He's basically devoted his life to seeing what that machine is capable of. He starts out in Sheffield forming the Human League with pals Ian Craig Marsh and Phil Oakey, but after two ambitious albums, the band splits. Phil stays put, but Martyn and Ian get with Glenn Gregory and form Heaven 17, birthing classics like "Let Me Go", "Temptation" and many others. Martyn's career as a producer is also taking off as he works with Terence Trent D'Arby, Erasure, and Tina Turner who jump-started her major comeback when she sang on his B.E.F. project. These days, Martyn has one of the best podcasts out there, Electronically Yours, where he talks to all kinds of legends and peers. We get our hands dirty discussing all of this and much much more. Enjoy! 

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