The Hustle

Episode 319 - Richard Jobson of the Skids

June 16, 2021

Dunfermline Scotland's Skids were local legends in the late 70s. Led by lead singer Richard Jobson and guitarist Stuart Adamson (later of Big Country, of course), the band kept their punk bona fides while also writing classic anthems like "Into the Valley" and "The Saints are Coming", songs that have only gotten bigger over the years. After three albums, Stuart left for bigger things, while Richard did a little of everything - the Armoury Show with John McGeoch, spoken word, acting, TV presenting, film critic, etc. The remaining Skids are back with a killer new album, Songs From a Haunted Ballroom, which is a collection of covers of songs from those early days that truly made an impact (it was also produced by Big Country's Bruce Watson). Richard discusses his years as a punk, working with tragic geniuses like Stuart and John, his acting career and everything else under the sun. Don't miss this one! 

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