The Hustle

Episode 336 - Jon ”Bermuda” Schwartz of ”Weird” Al Yankovic

October 13, 2021

Drummer Bermuda Schwartz has been by "Weird" Al's side since that fateful day when they recorded "Another One Rides the Bus" for Dr. Demento. In all these years, he's watched as new generations discover Al at just the right time and remain devoted fans over the decades (bringing their kids and grandkids along for the ride). While helping Al fulfill his comedic and creative vision, Bermuda has also served as archivist, collecting every speck of swag/recording/photo there's ever been. This has resulted in the glorious book, Black & White & Weird All Over: The Lost Photographs of "Weird Al" Yankovic '83 - '86 which came out last year. Every "Weird" Al fan should have a copy! We talk about all of it and more! 

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