The Hustle

Episode 344 - Tony Kaye of Yes

December 8, 2021

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Tony Kaye does what he wants. As a founding member of Yes, he helped build the band into legends, but left after three albums when it stopped being fun. After spurts in bands like Detective and Badfinger and touring with Bowie, he came back to Yes for their 80s heyday, but eventually left again, when it stopped being fun. In fact, he's been known to leave music altogether to play tennis, sell t-shirts, whatever got him excited. Now, largely retired in Florida, he's created a totally unique work for his first solo album. End of Innocence is an album he composed about 9/11 illustrating the devastation of that day and its aftermath. Here we get into all of it and more. Emjoy! 

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