The Hustle

Episode 362 - Brian O’Neal of the BusBoys

April 13, 2022

Imagine being one of the hottest tickets in Hollywood in the early 80s. The parties. The celebrities. The glitz and glam. The BusBoys lived that life for a while. As most people know, they were captured for eternity thanks to their appearance in the movie 48 Hours, which cemented a friendship with Eddie Murphy that continues to this day. Frontman Brian O'Neal and the guys are finally back with new music! Excellent singles "Love On My Mind" and "Civil Rights" are already out there and a new album is in the works. Brian and I discuss those early days in LA, the challenges of being a rock band made up of black guys, how they also made it on the Ghostbusters soundtrack, his approach to hard work, and much more. The BusBoys are ripe for rediscovery! 

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