The Hustle

Episode 363 - Ann Wilson of Heart/Jeff Bova

April 20, 2022

This week is another two-fer! First up is the legend herself and one of the greatest voices in rock history, Heart's Ann Wilson! Ann and Nancy have been doing their own thing the last few years and Ann has a brand new solo album called Fierce Bliss coming out on the 29th. To me, it sounds the closest to the heavy rock sound of the 70s that Heart and their influences like Led Zeppelin and Bad Company were doing. Singles like "Greed" and her cover of the Eurythmics' "Missionary Man" are already out there. Ann and I talk about her approach to covers, the status of Heart these days, how she got Roger Dean to do the album cover and more. 

Then we hear from Grammy winning producer/keyboardist/sideman Jeff Bova. Jeff's career began in the early 80s when he was the go-to keyboardist for artists like Herbie Hancock and Cyndi Lauper and worked closely with producers like Bernard Edwards and Jim Steinman. We hear stories about all these great people and what those glory days were like. Enjoy! 

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