The Hustle

Episode 367 - Lenny Kaye of the Patti Smith Group

May 18, 2022

Guitarist Lenny Kaye has positioned himself as the ultimate tour guide through the history of rock and roll. Of course he's best known for being Patti Smith's enabler and co-conspirator, having been by her side since day one. He's also a producer helping artists like Suzanne Vega, James, Kristen Hersh and Soul Asylum find their best selves. He's a noted music historian, having curated the indispensable Nuggets compilation and writing articles and liner notes for decades. And, he's also a writer with a brand new book called Lightning Striking which details ten big moments in rock and roll. In this wonderful conversation, Lenny details how he structured the book, how he and Patti made music including Horses, working with Jimmy Iovine and Clive Davis, and his gratitude for a full life spent with what he loves most. It's inspiring stuff. 

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