The Hustle

Episode 374 - Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies

July 6, 2022

Nobody does what the Cowboy Junkies do quite like they do. The Canadians' music is often slow, smokey, and emotional and conveys a heaviness even if it's not always heavy. They have also shown a mastery of covers, often taking ownership of the song from the original artist, and their latest album, Songs of the Recollection, is an album of excellent and well thought out covers, some of which might surprise you. Lead singer Margo Timmins joins us this week to discuss the band's long history including working alongside siblings, the label's pressure to change, and specific details about the recording of their landmark Trinity Sessions album. What shines through most is Margo's inherent decency. You'll come away loving them even more. 

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