The Hustle

Episode 384 - Guy Chadwick of the House of Love

September 14, 2022

For a band that has barely made a peep over the last 25 years, the House of Love are having a major resurgence. This summer they released the incredible 8 CD box set Burn Down The World that showcases just about everything from their major label days. They're also kicking off a UK tour this week, as well as a 30th anniversary tour of the US next month, and, as if that isn't enough, they have a killer new album called State of Grace coming out this Friday! Mastermind Guy Chadwick joins us to discuss how he looks at his past, the transition from the scrappy indie days into the big time, what he did when the band ended, the solo album he made with Robin Guthrie, the latter day HOL work, and much more. This band is special, hop aboard! 

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