The Hustle

Episode 164 - Tony Lewis of The Outfield

June 26, 2018

Britain's The Outfield broke out in a big way in 1985 when their debut album Play Deep sold three million units and scored hits as enduring as "Your Love" and "Say It Isn't So". While subsequent albums didn't sell as much, their place as pop/rock craftsmen was cemented forever. They tapered off in the 90s, but never really went away, even releasing two of their strongest albums in 2006 and 2011. Unfortunately, guitarist and song-writer John Spinks died in 2014 of liver cancer leaving lead singer Tony Lewis to do some serious soul searching. The result is Tony's decision to reluctantly carry on as a solo artist, releasing his first solo album Out of the Darkness on 6/29. Here we talk about how he finally decided to keep going and his former band's wild ride. John Spinks will always be missed, but we still have Tony's voice and a near perfect legacy to enjoy.

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