The Hustle

Episode 174 - Robbie Dupree

September 4, 2018

Robbie Dupree scored big out of the gate with the enduring "Steal Away" which reached #6 in 1980 and the follow up "Hot Rod Hearts" also did well on the pop charts. But, after the relative disappointment of his second album, 1981's Street Corner Heroes, Robbie's plans changed. Thankfully, there was still a hunger for Robbie in the Asian market and a new record deal allowed him to continue to make music. It may not have gotten the wide distribution he was used to, but it would keep him viable and he's continued to make music ever since like 1987's Carried Away and 1993's Walking On Water. These days, the rise of "Yacht Rock" and the tours, radio stations, and fanbase devoted to it have given him a new lease on life. We talk about all of it! Plus, earlier this year his first two albums were FINALLY released on cd by Blixa Sounds! Robbie's an artist where going deep in their catalog is well worth your time.

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