The Hustle

Episode 176 - Pat Vegas of Redbone

September 18, 2018

Redbone are another of those excellent 70s hitmakers that are enjoying a career resurgence thanks to their inclusion on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks. The band released many hits that decade like "The Witch Queen of New Orleans,"One More Time," and "Wovoka," but the biggest was "Come and Get Your Love" which reached #5 in 1974 and is currently enjoying a rebirth. Pat Vegas and his brother Lolly were working musicians during that legendary Southern California classic rock period before starting Redbone and becoming the most successful Native American rock band in history. Lolly passed away in 2010, but Pat is keeping the band alive and is a gusher of stories including everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Jim Morrison to Aretha Franklin. Enjoy!

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