The Hustle

Episode 192 - Liberty DeVitto of Billy Joel/The Slim Kings

January 8, 2019

It’s time to set the record straight.  Liberty DeVitto is not merely the former drummer for Billy Joel.  He is a collaborator in the sounds that shaped popular music in the latter 20th century.  Here we not only touch on his complicated relationship with the Piano Man; moreover, we showcase “Lib’s” immense talent on tunes that weren’t necessarily the hits.

Things to listen for: 

* The song that contains percussion played on Billy’s bare chest.

*The timeless classic that cemented its place on "The Stranger" only after Linda Ronstadt & Phoebe Snow guaranteed it would help the band get girls. 

*The “Glass Houses” simplistic ditty that’s covered by other artists more than any in Billy’s oeuvre. 

*And finally, a never before told story about these Liberty imagined lyrics for the hit “My Life” that, once heard,  can NEVER be unheard!

PS: Check out Liberty’s current gig with The Slim Kings.  It’s young, fresh and far from a tired tribute band.

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