Episode 73 - David Sterry of Real Life

September 27, 2016

David Sterry is the man behind one of the most iconic and enduring hits of the 80s synth-pop era, "Send Me An Angel". His band Real Life were major players in the 80s when Angel reached the charts TWICE (in 1983 and again in 1989), and "Catch Me I'm Falling" also made a huge splash in 1983. You'd think writing a song as evergreen as Angel would keep you comfy for the rest of your life, but surprisingly, that was not the case. Luckily, after 20 years, David is now benefitting from his impactful legacy and successfully touring the 80s nostalgia circuit in his native Australia. We talk about the ups and downs of his career, the other great music Real Life has recorded, what he did during the lean years, and some of his best memories. 


Episode 72 - Mark Gable of Choirboys

September 20, 2016

Choirboys have been an active, vibrant pub rock/hard rock band in their native Australia for over 30 years. They've had several major hits Down Under, including 1987's "Run To Paradise" which, get this, is the 11th best selling Australian single of the 80s! Surprisingly, they've never made much of a dent in America (and never tried too hard). We talk about the differences between Australian and American success, what kind of a lifestyle "Run to Paradise" has afforded them, and them being discovered by George Young, the older brother of Angus and Malcolm from AC/DC. I also pick his brain on some of my favorite artists hailing from the eastern hemisphere. The guy has quite the personality, enjoy!


Episode 71 - Tito Larriva of The Plugz/The Cruzados/Tito & Tarantula/Beloved Movie Soundtrack Fame

September 13, 2016

Tito Larriva hasn't stopped working in 40 years. His many musical disguises (The Plugz, The Cruzados, Tito & Tarantula) have paralleled his second career in the movie business, both as an actor and a soundtrack legend. At the core of these many personalities is the heart of a musical genius and shapeshifter who has found much success by being the right guy for the job and always good at what he does. His career has spanned everything from porn to Pee-Wee Herman and Swayze to Tarantino. Get turned on to an excellent musician and a consummate artist. 


Episode 70 - Fred Pineau of The Atlantics

September 6, 2016

Fred Pineau was the guitarist for the excellent Boston power pop band The Atlantics. Their story is, unfortunately, a familiar one - big on the local scene, signed to a major label that mis-marketed them (they wanted them to be the "new wave Eagles"), and thus buried their one and only album, 1979's Big City Rock. Even with a national tour opening for Roxy Music, the Atlantics never fully took off and never made it to a second album. However, Fred is a world-class raconteur and has numerous incredible stories to tell. Sit back and enjoy an amazing band and an amazing storyteller (Bowie, Roxy, Prince, Paul Simon, Daryl Hall, Madness, Queen, etc).