The Hustle

Episode 310 - John Davis: One of the real voices of Milli Vanilli

April 14, 2021

We all know the Milli Vanilli story. Have you ever wondered who really sang those songs? This week we welcome singer/songwriter John Davis, one of the actual voices for Milli Vanilli. John was an American living in Germany and working as a musician when he was picked by producer Frank Farian to sing for a project he was working on, only to later hear his voice coming out of Fab's mouth. John tells us the before, during, and after of the whole story, and we hear some of his own music, including his fantastic 2009 album Runnin' Back to You he made with musician Roland Muller. Here is a unique glimpse on the infamous Milli Vanilli story from someone with first-hand experience. 

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