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Book Club - Bill Kopp author of Disturbing the Peace: 415 Records and the Rise of New Wave

February 7, 2022

Author Bill Kopp has gifted music lovers with a fantastic piece of history. In his new book, Disturbing The Peace, Bill tells the story of San Francisco's influential 415 Record label started by Howie Klein and Chris Knabb. The story recounts how this upstart label even got off the ground, the key venues that built the scene, and, of course, the many excellent bands, many of which have been lost to history. Eventually, when 415 artists like Romeo Void, Translator, Wire Train and Red Rockers started having success, Klein sold the label to Columbia, which turned out to be the deathell. This fantastic history book includes loads of rare pictures, flyers, and stories that deserve to be told, but haven't been till now. 

Every music lover needs this book! 

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