The Hustle

Episode 194 - Ian Burden of the Human League

January 22, 2019

Ian Burden was a key member of the revolutionary new wave band the Human League during their imperial 80s period. Philip Oakey was desperate to find band members during the lead-up to the creation of 1981's game-changing album Dare! and called upon Burden to bring his musicianship to the group, which lead to classic singles like "The Sound of the Crowd," "Love Action," and "Mirror Man." After the unpleasant experience of recording 1986's Crash with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Ian decided to leave the group and a music career. Yet, out of nowhere, last year he put out his first solo album Hey Hey Ho Hum, which sounds exactly like the album a former Human League member should make. In this chat we discuss all of it - the albums, the hits, the ups, the downs and the motivations for a solo album at this stage. What an honor to hear from him!

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