The Hustle

Episode 252 - Peter Wolf

March 4, 2020

Producer Peter Wolf (not the J. Geils frontman) is behind some of the biggest music of the 80s, but also the most divisive. No matter how you may feel about "We Built This City" and "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" (and chances are you feel strongly) those songs were, and still are, huge. They also wouldn't be what they are without his Midas touch. In addition, Peter lent his genius to other classic songs of the era like "Who's Johnny," "Playing With the Boys," "Night Shift," and "King of Wishful Thinking." Plus, he's worked with some of rock's greatest artists like Lou Gramm, The Who, Heart, Big Country and Chicago. We discuss all of it, as well as the TV show he's currently developing. The guy is nothing if not savvy, you gotta give it up to him! 

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