The Hustle

Episode 268 - Suzi Quatro

June 23, 2020

Suzi Quatro is the original rock chick and a stone-cold legend. She's currently celebrating 50 years in the rock world and finally getting her due as the pioneer that she is. This legacy makes her the perfect subject of an incredible new documentary on her life called Suzi Q. The film details her early years as a teenager singing with her sisters in Detroit, her global rise (though not in the States) as a glam rocker with hits like "Can The Can", "Devil Gate Drive" and "Stumblin' In", and her various changes in career like Leather Tuscadero on "Happy Days". Suzi Q will be released on VOD and DVD on July 3rd and there is a special virtual Q&A with Suzi hosted by Cherie Currie and Kathy Valentine on July 1st. Details are in the link below. We get into the specifics on all of these topics and many more. Let's get Suzi in the RnR Hall of Fame!

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