The Hustle

Episode 288 - Nick Launay

November 11, 2020

Nick Launay started his career when still in his teens and when John Lyden picked (forced?) him to produce PiL's "Flowers of Romance" in 1981 he was off and running. His resume includes greats like Killing Joke, Talking Heads, Semisonic and even recent albums from Arcade Fire, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I planned to cover these amd many more in our conversation, but instead we went deep on a few - INXS (he produced The Swing), Midnight Oil, The Church, Nick Cave, Silverchair, Phil Collins (he was in the room when Phil did the drums for "In The Air Tonight", Eric Clapton and Public Image Ltd (which is maybe the craziest story we've ever heard). This is another instant classic!   

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