The Hustle

Episode 309 - Gareth Jones

April 7, 2021

Producer/Engineer/Mixer Gareth Jones didn't set out to be the "synth guy", but that didn't stop him from working closely with some of the greatest synth artists ever. First came John Foxx and his first solo album, the revolutionary Metamatic. Then came a string of legendary albums with Depeche Mode like Black Celebration and Some Great Reward. And lastly, he continues to work with Erasure and produced albums of theirs like Wild! and Cowboy. There have also been notable work with bands like Wire, Interpol, Embrace, and Grizzly Bear. Gareth also has some recent solo projects that deserve your attention like Electrogenetic. We get stories about all of it and learn how Gareth was the man to help these people find their creative voices. Enjoy! 

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