The Hustle

Episode 317 - Tim Booth of James

June 2, 2021

When james are at their best hardly anyone can rival their mixture of ecstasy, passion, groove, and spirit. In this discussion with frontman Tim Booth you'll learn that isn't an accident. In fact, you may question whether "Pop Group" is too limiting a title for what james sets out to accomplish. And they've done it again with the release of their new album, All The Colours of You, this weekend. Once again they've tapped into the global sense of frustration and dismay to record a hopeful set of excellent tunes that may be their best set in a couple decades. Tim and I cover all the major bases - Politics, Drugs, God, and Music and Tim shows some sides of himself that may surprise you. When it's over you may ask yourself if Tim Booth is a pop singer or some kind of deity, a question us fans have been asking for a long time. Enjoy! 

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