The Hustle

Episode 334 - Martin Briley

September 29, 2021

Singer/Songwriter Martin Briley's solo career may have been brief, but he isn't bothered about it. Best known for the 1983 hit "The Salt in My Tears", Martin has always been way more comfortable working behind the scenes. He has been a session guy for artists like Ellen Foley, Ian Hunter, Julian Lennon and Bonnie Tyler (he even plays on "Total Eclipse of the Heart"), but his focus has always been on writing, preferably for anyone but himself. This has led to everyone from Celine Dion to N'Sync to Kenny Loggins to Greg Allman and even Patrick Swayze recording his tunes.Martin, in his own very dry and self-deprecating way, explains his feelings and motivations about his unique career, the stories behind some of his songs, and  the new music he's making now. He downplays his talent, but Martin is an amazing songwriter ripe for rediscovery! 

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