The Hustle

Episode 341 - Susan Rogers

November 17, 2021

Noted audio engineer/producer Susan Rogers began her unique career in the late 70s, but she really earned her bona fides when she moved to Minneapolis to assist Prince. She was right by his side during those peak Purple Rain to Sign O the Times years, helping him create, record, log, and document his every creative impulse (she created his famous "Vault"). She shares stories of her experiences that add invaluable color to who Prince was and what he was like to work with. After leaving Prince, she worked with rising indie rock acts like Michael Penn, Edie Brickel and New Bohemians, Public Image Ltd., Paul Westerberg, Geggy Tah, and Barenaked Ladies. For the last 20 years she's been teaching at the Berklee School of Music. Her encyclopedic memory of it all makes for one of the most fascinating conversations we've ever had on the show. Enjoy!

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