The Hustle

Episode 346 - Colin Campsie of The Quick/Giant Steps

December 22, 2021

Colin Campsie is one of those artists that consistently made quality music whether everyone was paying attention or not. He and his partner George McFarlane finally started having success in the early 80s as The Quick, an excellent dance group that had a #1 Dance chart hit with "Zulu". After three albums they changed their name to Giant Steps, took on a more r&b style, and scored a #13 hit in 1988 with "Another Lover". However, both before and since, Colin has written and produced for other people consistently racking up a diverse resume in the process. Along the way he even befriended former guest Phil Thornalley and the two have worked together on various projects (Natalie Imbruglia, Kasim Sulton, etc) ever since. Here's his whole story and you're likely to hear a lot of new songs that you're sure to love. Enjoy! 

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