The Hustle

Episode 347 - Rocky Burnette

December 29, 2021

In 1980, Rocky Burnette hit #8 on the pop charts with "Tired of Toein' The Line", an excellent song that still holds up today. That may have been the peak of his solo career, but his musical history stretches much further. His dad was Johnny Burnette, the Godfather of Rockabilly. Rocky shares stories of growing up in old Hollywood and hanging out with Elvis. His cousin is Billy Burnette, who replaced Lindsey in Fleetwood Mac in the late 80s, and has had a solid career of his own. After Rocky's solo career stalled, he spent the next 30 years playing his dad's music and carrying the torch for Rockabilly. Unfortunately, he's been suffering from emphysema for a while and doesn't get out there much, but we were lucky to have him share some stories with us. Enjoy! 

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