The Hustle

Episode 348 - Stephen Hague

January 5, 2022

Would you ever guess that one of the key producers for the radical synth-styled music coming out of the UK in the 80s was an American former LA session musician? Thanks to artists like New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, OMD and many others, Stephen Hague shaped what we think of when we think of the best music artists like that had to offer in the 80s. He's been a key figure in music ever since. Since his 80s career was recently covered fantastically on the 80sography podcast, we dig into other areas like the 90s and beyond that included Robbie Robertson, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Peter Gabriel, James, Robert Palmer, a-ha, Dubstar, and Blow Monkeys (with New Order and PSB also being discussed), as well as his early days with Jules Shear and Walter Egan. When you combine this with the series on 80sography you get the complete picture of this genius. Enjoy! 

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