The Hustle

Episode 351 - Jacknife Lee

January 26, 2022

Where to start with Jacknife Lee? He's been one of the most successful and in demand producers of the last 20 years for a start. A short list of people he's worked with include the Killers, Weezer, Modest Mouse, James, Neil DIamond, One Direction, Taylor Swift, REM, Snow Patrol, the Hives, Bloc Party and the Cars, and he won a Grammy for U2's Atomic Bomb album. Then there's his solo work, which always includes incredible artists like Beth Ditto, Sneaks, and Open Mike Eagle to create forward-thinking dance music. And then there are his many collaborations like his current one, Telefis with fellow Irishman Cathal Coughlan. This one's a doozy as Jacknife explains these pairings as well as many many others, how he got sick of himself and changed his way of producing, and the music that inspires him every day. There's a lot here, sit back and enjoy! 

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