The Hustle

Episode 353 - Beau Hill

February 9, 2022

One could argue that producer Beau Hill is the architect of the sound of 80s Hair Metal. Just as his nascent producing career is getting started, Ratt hit the jackpot with Out of the Cellar and "Round and Round" and from there he (along with Bob Rock and Ron Nevison) becomes THE go-to-guy for that sound. That leads to huge commercial success with bands like Warrant, Winger, Twisted Sister, Europe and Alice Cooper (not to mention fantastic bands that didn't take off like Airrace, Sandy Stewart, Streets, Fiona, and Fast Forward). We hear about all of it including the stories behind "Cherry Pie" and "Seventeen" and how they affected Jani and Kip, his early career bands like Shanghai and Airborne, and what he does today. It's a huge honor to hear from one of the biggest producers of all time! 

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