The Hustle

Episode 354 - Mick Wall

February 16, 2022

No Rock Doc is complete without an appearance from esteemed British rock writer Mick Wall. Mick's career goes way back to the 70s working promotion and PR for many of the great New Wave bands, but he quickly realized the real action was in Heavy Metal. This led to gigs writing for Kerrang! and Classic Rock magazines (among many others) and penning books on Zeppelin, GnR, Meat Loaf, Ozzy, Maiden, Sabbath, Lemmy and many more. Mick recently started the Mick Wall Podcast which is a load of fun. Mick shares stories about life in the trenches, fellow writers, and his encounters with everyone from Zeppelin to Bowie, to Iggy to Queen. This is a blast and Mick's seen it all! 

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