The Hustle

Episode 355 - Ivan Doroschuk of Men Without Hats

February 23, 2022

If all you know about Men Without Hats is their eternal hit "Safety Dance" you're missing out. The Canadian synthpop outfit tried other styles and broadened their sound (1987's Pop Goes The Worldbeing a high point), including a grunge album few have heard, but it's been "Safety Dance '' that has never gone away and for good reason, it's still as fresh as it was in '82. Frontman Ivan Doroschuk has been at the helm the whole time and talks candidly about some of his struggles, but, ultimately, his gratitude for what has turned out to be a wonderful career. We also get into his punk and prog roots and his new music including last year's covers EP Again, Pt.1 (Again, Pt. 2 comes out next month and includes all new songs). Ivan deserves all the success he gets! 

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