The Hustle

Episode 357 - Tim Finn of Split Enz/Solo

March 9, 2022

This week we're welcomed by rock royalty. Tim Finn is one of the most consequential artists of the last 50 years, especially for music lovers Down Under. As one of the founding members of Split Enz, he brought New Wave closer to the mainstream and pushed boundaries for others. Then his wonderful solo career, dalliances with Crowded House and collaborations with brother Neil as well as Phil Manzanera, Eddie Rayner and many more have maintained an unparalleled level of quality. He and Eddie are at it again as Forenzics and have just released a new album called Shades and Echoes that is one of the best things either of them has done. Tim and I discuss this fantastic new project, his other incredible more recent work, and we hear stories from the past as well. He's a legend and better now than ever before, we're lucky to hear from him.

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