The Hustle

Episode 364 - Brinsley Schwarz

April 26, 2022

Guitarist Brinsley Schwarz, in his own little way, changed music. When his namesake band came on the scene in the early 70s, they popularized a sound (along with bands like Dr. Feelgood, Clover and Status Quo) that would forever be known as "Pub Rock". British bands emulating the American roots music they were hearing, while adding their own spin. After a few albums, the hyper talented Nick Lowe left the band and Brinsley joined up with Graham Parker to start the Rumour. After several years in and out of activity with GP (his This Is 40 story is hilarious) Brinsley is now focused on a beautiful solo career and his new solo album, Tangled. It's exactly what the world needs right now! Brinsley tells us all about his history and shares the story of a historically bad gig you won't believe. Enjoy! 

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