The Hustle

Episode 380 - Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow

August 16, 2022

Annabella Lwin has seen a lot. More than she wants to talk about, honestly. We know the story - discovered at 13 and made the lead singer of a band masterminded by the outlandish Malcolm McLaren, Bow Wow Wow. They make a sound no one's ever heard before and leave behind a bunch of hits no one will ever forget (sadly, only "I Want Candy" got much traction in the States). The career she had would never fly now, not like it did then, but she's survived a lot, including the end of the band, a solo album and grinding away as an artist in a tough business. These days Annabella is mostly viewed as the icon she is and plays many shows a year, including a couple Lost 80s Live shows on 8/20 and 25. We touch on all of this, address some tough stuff, and move past others. She can still do it all and better than ever. 

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